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Nisarga a Diagnostics Centre Banglore is a major Pathology Labs organisation. Pathology Labs, Gynecologist and Obstetrician Doctors, Sonography Centers, MRI Scan Center, Physiotherapists, Diagnostic Center, Blood Testing Center, CT Scan Centers, and much more srvices are available. It is well-known for Having Best Blood Test Lab in Banglore as they provide best quality of accuracy in tests.


Ultrasound services are being done on regular basis by well qualified and highly experienced Radiologists. We do all types of ultrasound including abdomen and pelvic, follicular study, Transvaginal sonography(TVS), breast scan, scrotal scan, cranial ultrasound, orbital ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, chest ultrasound, etc.

Antenatal/pregnancy ultrasound-

nisarga diagnostics is a dedicated fetal ultrasound centre with Radiologists having vast experience in fetal medicine. Our ultrasound scan machines are advanced with special software for pregnancy imaging. We do all types of pregnancy ultrasound including dating scan, NT scan/first trimester screening, Anomaly scan/TIFFA scan/Target scan, genetic sonogram, fetal doppler, growth scan, fetal 3D/4D, etc. We also perform advanced pregnancy related tests like double marker test, triple marker test, quadruple test, first trimester quadruple test, NIPT etc.

Clinical laboratory-

Our clinical laboratory is equipped with advanced equipments with experienced doctors and  technicians. Ours is an NABL accredited laboratory. All quality related processes are followed as per protocol with almost nil preanalytical, analytical and post analytical errors. We do all clinical lab related tests including advanced pregnancy related tests like double marker test, triple marker test, quadruple test, first trimester quadruple test, NIPT etc.

3D/4D ultrasound-

3D/4D ultrasound is special type of volume ultrasound done by very few ultrasound centres. We do pelvic 3D/4D and fetal 3D/4D regularly.


We perform all types of dopplers including fetal doppler, renal doppler, scrotal doppler, peripheral/limb doppler, etc.

Digital X-ray-

We have high end CR machine with experienced technicians to provide high quality X-ray images. Our Radiologist are very experienced to provide accurate X-ray reports.

Radiological procedures-

Including routine X-rays we also do special radiology procedures like HSG, MCU, RGU, fistulogram, etc with accurate reporting from our Radiologists.

Dental X-ray (OPG)-

We regularly do OPG and cephalogram with quality images.


We have experienced Cardiologists to perform echocardiography with accurate results.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)-

We have online ECG reporting system to provide instant ECG reports in case of emergencies.


We have experienced Cardiologists to perform TMT with accurate results.

Pulmonary function test(PFT)

PFT are performed in our centre regularly with accurate results.


We have on-call physiotherapist for physiotherapy related services.





We provide best Audiometry Test in Bangalore for person with possible hearing loss, individual working in high noise occupation etc. this test is one of the key hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual.

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